As the past few months have shown, the board clearly needs some representation that has more of a boots-on-the-ground approach, and we think Buchanan would succeed at this.
— Metro Pulse, 2014 Primaries: Board of Education Endorsements

Bradley Buchanan is a candidate for Knox County Board of Education District 6 that will be dedicated to the students, parents and teachers.



So why run for Board of Education?

I value educators as the professionals they are and believe that as much education funding should “directly touch” the students as possible. This means that money should be spent directly on the students, educators, support staff, technology, facilities and all other resources that the students come into contact with on regular basis. The trend of educational funding that flows through a district without coming near the students and, even worse, funding that is flowing away from students to privately held entities disturbs me.

As a community we should and must trust the educational professionals to make the best decisions for the diverse population that they have the joy of working with every day. This means not tying them down with restrictive frameworks that do not allow for any instructional flexibility, so that they have the opportunity to reach all their students. 

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